Freely Submit to Your Government

I wonder how many people will see this title and delete without reading the story. If they do, they'll get the wrong impression of me. I have never freely submitted to anything or anyone in my life. While I fully believe in laws, and my Bible tells me to obey the laws of my government, I would never say that I "FREELY" submit to anything. In fact, most of my daily devotions with God contain some amount of time begging Him to soften my heart to submission --to Him, to Will, and these days to my government. I submit but it's never usually an initially full-hearted desire to do so; it comes after lots and lots of prayer.

The U.S. epidemic (it may be pandemic but honestly I don't know what is happening in other countries so I'll stick to mine) that we are witnessing right now is more than just a virus that is spreading around the world. Whether you are #stayathome or #faithoverfear right now, hang with me! Don't leave the article just yet.

If we summarize the last few months we have a story that sounds like this, "A virus was somehow spread worldwide from China. No one truly knows the lasting effects but in efforts to preserve life the world has shut down most physical interaction. The hope is to isolate ourselves until the infected people are no longer infected." Just as anything that ever happens, people are divided by how they feel we should deal with isolation -- how, who, how long, etc. But that is not the point of today's blog.

My focus in on the closing of churches across the nation and how we can avoid that, and STILL SUBMIT to our government mandates. Instead of pushing our agendas, pushing our politics, pushing our beliefs onto other people, and bashing those who feel differently, aren't we intelligent enough to produce a compromising alternative? There has to be a way that we can still have our church services AND maintain social distancing. When something is important to people, they will be stopped by nothing to attain that. I am grossly saddened by the lack of interest in my community to maintain church services and I'm at a loss as to why people are just sitting around waiting for someone to tell them how to strive for what they want. OBEY OUR LAWS, BUT LET YOURSELVES OUT OF THE SHEEP PEN, PEOPLE!!

Anything else that you want, we will go get. We leave church early to watch football games; we lose sleep to hunt/fish; we drive miles out of our way to buy something; we stand in line for hours waiting for tickets. But if someone says we can't go to church we just sit down and we use any excuse we can find, to justify it. This is the very time that the church needs to be available to our community. "When we are healthy, we don't need God; when we are sick, He closes up shop." Is THAT the message we want to send to unbelievers or those of weak faith - "I can help you most days but not on days that I have to sacrifice something? I am in fact more important than God's work.?" If you don't have a problem missing church service then I challenge you to search for your true reason for coming to church at all. Either you believe that we NEED church, or you don't believe it.

The bottom line is that maybe it is time to stop arguing whether we #stayathome or #faithoverfear, and come together to creatively provide ways that our communities can provide church services fully within the realm of the law. We have to think outside the box, IF having church is important to us. If it isn't, then you stay at home and I won't judge you. I ask that you not judge me if I don't feel led to do that.