Day #18: Council Bluffs, IA to Springfield, MO

No one slept well last night. We all tossed and turned and woke up sleepy, but we got out pretty early. It had stormed last night and thankfully it was clear when we headed out. The kids got to learn about "Hurricane Alley" since we were constantly surrounded by swirled up dark clouds, and winds that were pushing my car around. I wonder how much of this trip they will remember.

I got to talk to Starr after she got out of church, and tell her Happy Late Birthday -- although technically I was the first one to tell her Happy Birthday since I called her five days early. Lol - I wish that really counted. We talked about houses, school, and just the fact that we will finally live near each other and get to enjoy being sisters, for the first time since she came into our family. At first, I live in Montgomery, then married Will and moved to Georgia, then Alaska, and now we finally get to raise our kids together (like Adam and I had planned over 30 years ago).

We drove through some beautiful, but pretty flat country today. About the time we got near Kansas City, MO, we could see the mountain ranges on both sides of us, closing in and getting closer. South of there, the lush trees of "the South" were back in view and when we got out for a lunch break we could feel the humidity. I absolutely love the humidity, especially the older I get, because of what it does for my skin and hair. Garrett thought it was cool that his arms were "sticky".

In all today, we drove 368 miles and were in the car for 6 hours.