Day #14: Billings, MT Birthday Bash

Today is G's 9th birthday and we decided to stay here another night (although the hotel rates are insane). We started the morning like we do all birthdays -- Garrett came to snuggle with me in bed while I told him the story of him his birth story. Each year, he always groans "uuuugh" but while he does that he has a little smile on his face as he snuggles in under my arm. I read about this tradition somewhere when Ellie was little, and so I do this every single birthday for both kids. I was just wondering this morning, "How many more of these do I get to do? I wonder if their spouses will love me enough to let me come over every year for their birthdays, bring breakfast, slide into bed with my 'baby' and continue this tradition?" I don't even mind if the spouse lays with us, listening. I think that is great way to weed out potential "jerks" and "jerkettes" who may want to marry into our family. Now, I just have to find a way to present this question to the people my kids date, so I can judge them by their reaction to that. I'll be a wonderful mother to teenagers - I just know it!

Garrett was chomping at the bit to find out what we had planned but we were hesitant to tell him, since we had to play it by ear. We chose Geyser Park but they don't open until 11, so we decided to just take all the stuff with us and see if we could make it work. We had checked the website and came up with a plan that we hoped the park would let us do, and it worked out perfect. They even gave us free golf, she decorated the room while we played in the arcade, we got pizza delivered, and it was all worth it when Garrett said, "You know what, I think this is my favorite birthday of all." I was afraid that he would feel disappointed, having a birthday on the road and not around his friends in Delta. We ended up spending about five hours at this place and had a blast.

We left Geyser Park and drove over to the a farm warehouse and got Garrett one last present -- a hat that he has been asking me for, for months. He looks so stinking cute! It fits him so great and he looks like such a little man. Then, we went somewhere for momma and daddy -- Coldstone Creamery. It was so hot that our ice cream was seeping through the cones and pouring out. We needed to cool off, so back at the hotel we went to the pool. The kids jumped right in but Will and I got in the hot tub because the pool was just too cold. It didn't take long for "mommy guilt" to kick in, looking at my babies all alone in the pool, being ignored and left to play by themselves, so I very reluctantly eased into the frigid waters. After some chiding, Will cannonballed us but we couldn't stay in long so we all got out and got showered up for supper.

Garrett chose Olive Garden and Ellie was pretty skeptical but she agreed because it was Garrett's birthday choice. It only took one bite of her pasta though, to turn Olive Garden into her new favorite restaurant. Neither kiddo had a clue what to expect and it was so fun watching them taste new things. Garrett loved the breadsticks so much that he got a little pushy, trying to eat them all before we could get one. Will and I shared a plate and I can't imagine having gotten my own plate. That was SO much food. I sure miss Delta Junction but I forgot how much I do like eating out. Garrett got to choose his birthday dessert and of course he got the cheesecake one that had "Happy Birthday" written in strawberry syrup. He obviously loved that syrup and you can see it in the picture (above) where he is licking the plate. We have so many family photos of my licking my plate (playing of course, since I'm naturally very lady-like haha) and so the apple didn't fall far from its tree.

In all today, we drove 30 miles and were in the car for 1 hour.