Day #10: Butte, MT to Rest

I took no pictures today :(. We stayed in Butte to get out of the car for a bit. We played in the pool, got a carwash, and found a theater to go watch the new movie "Alpha". It was SO GREAT!! I want to buy this movie. If you don't like subtitles you may have issues. There is not the first word in English, spoken. It is silent at first and then it is all in another language because they are cavemen or neanderthals or whatever science calls them these days. Their civilization used fire and hunted bison all in what looked like Montana or Alaska. I won't ruin it for you but if you love watching a movie and not "listening" to it, then go see it. I'll say though, that Garrett loved it (he is mostly like me) but Will and Ellie fell asleep (more than once I think) but still said they enjoyed it. They just thought it started a little slow.

Before the movie, we ate at a little Greek place in the mall and the kids noticed a shop next door that was called "Escapology". They ran over and found it was an escape room inside the mall. We were all so excited! They were open to kids and so we signed up for one that started just after the movie was over. We had choices of themes: zombies, western shoot-out, chemical lab, and something else that was not for kids. The kids chose the lab. So what happens is you are locked inside a room (there is an emergency release button in case you need to get out) and you have to find clues to give you the code to get out. In this case, a scientist had found a cure to something and his lab got ransacked by villains, so he hid the vaccine in his lab. We had to find the vaccine and with it, the code to the door. Oh my goodness! If you can find one of these DO IT! We had one hour to escape and we made it with 2 minute to spare. That was close. Some four-adult team made it in less than 20min but we really tried to let the kids figure out things, and to come up with solutions, and some of the pieces were really tricky. I really can't tell the process (online) because the rooms stay up for three months but we all had a blast. In the end, we were impressed that none of us fought or struggled with each other in there. We really worked well together. Ellie mentioned later that she felt like we dismissed one of her ideas and looking back, I think we kind of did skip over one of her rabbit-hole ideas, so we promised to not do that again. It was a great family exercise but Will and I secretly admitted that we both wished we could do it totally alone and see who got the best time. The girl told me that one of their rooms has a live zombie on a neck chain and every five minutes his chain gets longer. WHAT?? No Way - I would vomit from fear and just hit the emergency exit button. I don't like that kind of stuff.

They took our group photo and then we went to "Butts and Burgers" (as Dairy Queen will now forever be known to my family) for some ice cream. No one cared that it was 9:30pm because we just rocked "Escapology - Antidote" and can't sleep anyway because we'll talk about it all night long.

Garrett is steadily trying to spend his Canadian money. I gave him some to spend, save, or whatever, just so they can be exposed to different currencies. It is apparently burning a hole in his pocket and we have to keep explaining to him that he will lose some money when he uses it. So after struggling for two days, we finally just said, "spend it and see," and now guess what ... he thinks he'll just put it away to save. Kids.

In all today, we drove 11miles and were in the car for less than 1 hour.