Day #4: Teslin, BC to Muncho Lake, BC

Many moms are accustomed to waking up after having only slept for a few hours, BUT when your kids are 8 &10 you expect that those days are over. That may not necessarily be true if you are travelling across country, so you gotta just get up, smile, get the coffee, and have higher hopes for the next night. That's how I started my day today, but I knew it would get better. After we ate breakfast we headed out and Will got to cross one of those grated bridges for the first time ever. I'm sure their purpose is to let snow/ice melt through but driving over them is so strange. As my friend Jena is aware, I am accustomed to cement bridges only :). Where I was looking for dirt road (because it was there last time I was on this highway), I found pavement. I was very pleasantly surprised by the condition of the highway this trip! We made our way to Watson Lake pretty quick and I got a chuckle because the whole time I was describing the sign forest, no one was really excited but when they all saw it their minds changed.

The kids got out of the car and ran around like those pent-up beagles that Adam and I had growing up. They zipped all around and through the signs and I just prayed that they wouldn't run into anyone who wanted a peaceful stroll. When I called them to me once, Garrett ran up and asked "did I make it to you in less than 20 seconds?". I said, "yes" and he explained to me that they were playing "Maze Runner" and if I call and they don't make it to me in 20 seconds then the maze closes on them and they both die and turn into a sign post. Yes! I love that game and I encouraged more of THAT! Since I don't have my camera and my phone has dies, I just walked around and looked (instead of photographing every single detail) and it was kind of relaxing (until later when I wanted to review the day). We went to the Visitor's Interpretive Center and they had a cool educational display of the building of the highway. It said that when the US Army was finished with their work on the AK Hwy, they sold all the equipment to Canada for something like 7 million dollars, but when the Canadian engineers got there all the equipment was junk and didn't work. I have never heard that before and I wonder what "our" version of that story is; and how far in the middle of those, is the truth??

The wonderful lady in the Visitor's Center was extremely helpful and gave us insight on our entire trip, all the way through to Montana (if that's where we go). She also gave us a coupon to the Northern Lights Centre. We had debated over whether or not to go in there, but I'm SO glad we did because I have already passed it twice without going in. Will was the only one of us who did not really want to do it, but he was so sweet to do it just for us. There was 15 min showing of the Sun's Energy and then 15 min of aurora shows, mainly in the Yellowknife area. It was so phenomenal that I literally cried twice. Of all the things we create, we can't touch the things that God creates! Those natural things that we take for granted each day are no short of miracles that we are calloused to. That was put in words when we saw the grizzly bear and Ellie didn't care to watch it because in her words, "I'm from Alaska,I see bears all the time and it's no big deal!" If you listen to the video you can hear her say that from our back seat.

After the show, we stopped by the grocery store to get lunch foods and then we headed out towards Muncho Lake - one of my favorite areas on this highway. We stopped off by Whirlpool Canyon and I was surprised how low the water is. We were able to walk around alot more, and we took the trail that goes up over the canyon. It is scary how fearless my kids are on cliffs above raging waters. I am reminded why God made momma's and daddy's to raise kiddos in tandem; because when I am about in tears from fear, Will is there to encourage the kids to find their limits. Without knowing their limits how will the find confidence in themselves? I am learning to step back and just let it happen. As we left, we picked up a handful of flint rock so we can practice making points. I'm not sure what we'll use the points for but I'm sure Garrett will figure that out as soon as he has a handful.

Will was getting antsy to see some bison, since we have been seeing the signs on the road for the last few hundred miles. We were sort of joking to him to visualize it and he would see it, and so he told us the story of how it was going to unfold, when he finally saw "his" bison. It would be right on the side of the road, in the grass and it would be still so he could photo it. Then Garrett added that it would only have one horn, because it would lose one horn (that Garrett would run out and pick up). So about 10 miles down the road we saw it!! It was a bison on the side of the road, it only had one horn, and it wasn't moving. No Lie! But... it was dead lol. We joked to Will that he has to visualize one that is alive. This one was starting to bloat so we didn't stay long to look at it, and no one wanted pics of it. After a few miles, we finally saw the herd and Will got what he wanted to see. A few huge bulls were around, and one kept crossing the road. We even got to see an 18-wheeler have to go around him as he would not budge. He backed up traffic in both lanes, and it was an amazing sight to see him lumber around. I can not imagine being chased by something that big. Yikes. We finally had to just stop looking and head on to our room at the Northern Rockies Lodge at Muncho Lake. Again, if I had my camera I would have taken such detailed pics of our cabin. It was so cute and very cozy.

In all today, we drove 328 miles and were in the car for 9 hours.