Day #3: Whitehorse, YT to Teslin, YT

We were served breakfast at the door of our The Country Cabins cabin at 9am. Bona dropped off a cooler filled with hot coffee, musli, and pumpkin muffins. The muffins were hot and had almonds and white chocolate chips. They were delicious. The musli had fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries & kiwi) on top. There were the cutest cloth napkins and placemats included. It was the perfect breakfast. We filled up our water bottles, packed up and pulled out by 9:30 and headed to the Yukon Beringea Interpretive Center. We caught a great 30-min video, saw really cool exhibits, and the kids were given a really fun game to play that sent them around to most every exhibit to find information. At the end they got a prize (a dog tag and some posters). I had issues with about half of the "evolutionary" info that was being "sold" but since the kids already know how to sort through the junk to find the real truth, we all just laughed it off and enjoyed our visit. The kids got to run around, blow off energy, and I loved hearing their thoughts about things and also watching their hilarious personalities as they wanted crazy photos taken. Garrett has an old sliding phone of mine that he uses for taking pics. He is keeping it so close to him and taking pics of everything. I love it!

After this, we stopped by the Robert Lowe Suspension Bridge at Miles Crossing, on the Yukon River. The history there is interesting and also sad to think about all the lives lost trying to run those rapids there, during the Gold Rush. The bridge was not very flimsy but it still made Garrett and I nervous when we got out to the middle. That's why we stopped right in the middle to take a family photo - because this trip is all about pushing ourselves to have less fear, and more faith. We had a discussion about visualizing things that we pray for, and that conversation would stay with us over the next several days as we would tell each other what we were visualizing, and then we would see it. Wow - that was fun!

Some of those visualizations were a few bears (and later some bison and sheep), one of which is pictured above. This grizzly was sitting on the side of the road down to Atlin, just eating berries and totally oblivious to us until all of a sudden it sniffed the truck behind us and darted off into the woods. We wonder if the truck maybe had a dog in it - who can know. If you have never been to Atlin, you need to get a trip planned now! It is such a beautiful little lakeside community. There isn't much to do but hike or paddle, but we all four agreed that we would like to stay there for a few days. Ellie said "that is the kind of place where everyone knows your business -- I love those places!" She's got a soul after my own. While we were there, I "forced" the kids to do "my thing" and walk the local cemetery, reading the headstones and making up my own stories about what I think their lives had been like. I have enjoyed that since I can remember, and in a college Ecology class we did some cool things with cemetery data. After about 10 min the kids caught on and we swept the entire enclosure. My phone died so I got limited pics, but several stories that we are still talking about.

We left Atlin and headed for the Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre with the notion that if we were tired when we got there, or if it looked boring, we could choose to skip it. Well, one look at it and Garrett and I both, almost simultaneously, said "YES, I have to go inside there!" Once again, they gave the kids an activity to do which earned them a prize. That makes it so much more fun for them AND it gives me time to watch e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e short film that I want to see (yes!!). The displays, information, films, tour guides, staff, educational aides are top-notch. It is very well done, it is welcoming, cozy, and outside I noticed several tables set up for demonstrations (none on this day though). Put this on your list when you drive through. Not too far down the road is where we spent the night -- the Yukon Motel at Nesutlin Bay, Teslin which hosts the Northern Wildlife Gallery right next door. They have wi-fi but it was so slow that I couldn't get an pictures to download, but as we sat at the diner table (all of us trying desperately to get wi-fi on some device we have been so hopelessly separated from for three days haha), the waitress mentioned, "funny, I don't ever get online". I found the humor in that because I am usually the tech-hater of the group. Later though, she saw us saying our blessing and it made her ask if we are born-again Christians, which started a wonderful conversation with her. We washed clothes, filled our bellies, wrote our blogs, played our gratitude game, and finally fell asleep. Well, three of us slept while one of us stayed awake most of the night trying to figure out what that beating noise was (it sounded like a boot in a dryer but All...Night...Long. I stayed here once before and slept in my car and I hate to say I slept better THAT night.

In all, we drove 242 miles and were in the car for 9 hours.