Day #2: Discovery Yukon to Whitehorse, YT

We woke up to 40 degrees and cloudy skies. When I got up, Will was reading his Bible and his new book study (The Magic by Rhonda Byrne). Women all around the world know what I mean when I say that seeing our husbands do certain things, makes us fall in love with him all over again. Well, for me those things include watching Will comfort our children and watching Will read his Bible -- two main triggers for me. Already, on this Day#2 of our family trip and I have seen both things. As hard as the Army has been on our marriage, this trip is slowly tearing down walls and recovering the memories of why we got married in the first place. Those reasons sometimes get lost in the rushing around of moving, job changes, children being born, and just day-to-day life. Being stalled up in a car with Will and the kids is bound to incite some changes within our family, and I'm betting they are all going to be great and exciting changes!

We turned in our sleeping bags and backtracked 1/2 a mile to the White River to pick up some pieces of pumice. This stone is needed for Will's book study and now I'm antsy to see why. We found white, red, and brown pumice and we moved on quickly so we could get about 30 miles down the road and eat breakfast at the Pine Valley Creperie. Boy was that the right thing to do! A french couple have a gorgeous bakery with top-notch bread & desserts, a cozy dining room, custom crepes, and "THE BEST" funny signs hanging up all around. This is a place I will stop every chance I can. I got a whole wheat crepe with ham, two soft fried eggs, cheese, and on the side was some kind of meringue dessert bite. The kids got sweet crepes with nutella and strawberry jam inside. They were huge and phenomenal.

From there, we passed Burwash Landing and I felt so sad to see that they are no longer in business. The lodge is closed up, the signs and the totem removed. We stopped so I could show Will the old boat on the lake (where I took a photo on my first AlCan trip) and somewhere down the beach a dog began to howl. It was a freaky sound and we all four pretty much ran to the car. Garrett has started using his phone (my old one) to take photos and now he loves to stop and take pictures. I love it! We rode over to the Kluane Museum of Natural History and also saw the World's Largest Gold Pan. The museum cost $16 for the whole family and was well worth it. The stuffed animals, the design, the history, and the video of the AlCan creation was a great break from the car. Just down the road is Destruction Bay and there we stopped to hike up to Soldier's Summit to see the exact location where the Americans met the Canadians on the highway. The placard told a hilarious story about the American who had to reverse his vehicle when a Canadian bulldozer came busting through the woods. The kids and I laughed for a long time, as we reenacted that scenario. From that area, we could see a whole flock of Dall Sheep and that's when we realized that we also let the movers pack up the binos that we should have brought onto our trip. Geez.

We slipped in and out of Tachal Dal Visitor's Center, blew right past the Spruce Beetle Interpretive Trail (to Ellie's pleasure), and on to the Da Ku Cultural Center. That is a place for everyone! The kids got a booklet to fill out and get a prize, the visuals are amazing, the amount of education laid out is beyond what we could absorb in the hour we were there. It could have kept up busy for three hours. They have booths set up outside that look like they are for demonstrations. I wish we lived near this place. We still had two stops left before driving to Whitehorse so we didn't want to hang out long. We ended up skipping the Long Ago People's demonstration in Champagne, and through some pretty heavy rains we made it to The Country Cabins on Takhini Hot Springs Road. Bona is a wonderful hostess and had fresh water, wood, and thick heavy bedding already set up for us. We ended up having to drop bags and go into Whitehorse to find internet for Will's new freelance marketing business. We ate at a Subway, went to Tom Horton's for donuts, and then go to the cabin just before it got dark -- which was important because there is no power/water there. Will built us a fire and we zonked out. That bed was dreamy! We could have covered many more miles but we had a blast today!

In all today, we drove 243 miles and were in the car for 9 hours.