In The Brine

I finally got back to my Hello Mornings Bible study time, before everyone else in the house wakes up and starts pulling me in "their" directions. It should NOT amaze me but it always does seem to, that when I sit quietly and open God's Word, He will speak to me just as clearly as if He were sitting with me at the table. And today He did it again.

Last night I skinned some salmon and tried a new brine recipe for one of my newest ventures ... Salmon Candy. Some people would call this "jerky" but it is a little different in that it is basted with really sappy sweet syrupy "stuff" and it comes out really tacky. It seems like the perfect snack to take on the trail, hunting, paddling, exploring creeks, or whatever our family might head out to do. I am not much for using someone else's recipes but the first batch did strictly follow a recipe I got online (so that I could set a standard to compare mine later). I have never tried this before. I have only seen it and heard of it. Anyway, I loved the first batch and so I have started another one with my own spices and some essential oils of "my" flavor. So this morning it was time to get the salmon out of the brine (I don't like it too salty). That is when God spoke His magic message.

We are in the process of moving from Alaska (a state that I have come to dearly love and never want to leave) to somewhere closer to family (back down to the good ole South). I am struggling with bitterness, blind faith, and utter submission (to both God and my husband). This feels like the beginning of a hard season for me, if I want to come out of it as an example of how God's people should handle life situations that they don't really care for. As I was draining the brine off the salmon, it hit me ...... I am like this salmon! Just like that chunk of slimy meat, God has taken me, cut my skin off to reveal the beauty inside. He has pulled out the unattractive bones, cut me into the perfectly sized pieces (wife, mommy, teacher, biologist...), and is soaking me in a brine so that when I am finished soaking I will come out seasoned and ready for Him to polish. But this isn't the end! No, He will let me dry out next. He will let all the junk cook out of me and I'll dry up, until the point where I am thirsty and in need of moisture. That is when His magic will be seen in my life because He will carefully refresh me with sweet syrupy baste that will attract others to myself and more importantly to Him. Only after I am brined, prepared, basted, and baked will I be able to witness to others about how God brought me from a slimy slab into being a treasured treat!

As I go through this next season of my life, I will daily try to remember the message God gave me this morning. Salt preserves, keeps things from spoiling, creates thirst, and cleanses. We know this today and they knew it when Jesus spoke the words in Matthew 5:13, "Ye are the salt of the earth, but if the salt has lost its flavor how will you use it to season...." Paul also said in Colossians 4:6, "Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man."

What exactly is the salt of Christians? Where do we get it? I wonder if salt is different for each person, and if it the burn that turns us into what God need us to be. My salt may be "Not Getting My Way" and having to adjust. I'm still contemplating this idea. What is the salt that God uses on YOU? I would love to hear it!