I LOVE the Green Juice because I have a child who believes she can survive off of candy and vanilla yogurt - but I say she can't .   I add a scoop of this to Coconut Milk and she ENJOYS a full daily dose of organic greens, minerals, energy, glucose stabilization, antioxidants, all with a light minty flavor.   I can't wait to try the Acai Red and the Gold one for pain/swelling; and I really want that book.

Viral Dinner Plate

Why the picture of this Dinner Plate went viral.  This picture has been "shared" over 14,000 times and "liked" over 6000 times (those numbers are from May 2018).  It represents WHY Moms Need Rest After Childbirth.  Check out the link!


I'd love to see comments on who likes this workout.  It seems to be a short burst of energy for just a few minutes, done each day.  I have to do SOMETHING ... so I'm searching for that perfect routine so that I can make some fitness habits.