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I believe life should be lived without the fear of what others think of you.  One thing I treasure is My Freedom and I have a lot to say about it!  It took me 46 years to figure out that I was created with freedom to be myself; and that I was created for a purpose.


I search God to reveal My Essential Purpose.  I just know that I wasn't created for something simple and boring.


I hope you hang around and let me know your thoughts too! But I'll warn you ... It's a little goofy, with LOTS of transparent honesty about my life and thoughts.



I have a hard time answering that question these days.  You know those big life milestones that everyone stresses over? The ones like moving across country, death, retirement, job changes for both you AND your spouse, and kids starting puberty??  Well ... how about every single one of those happening at once.  I am so tired of telling people "when things slow down, I'm going to ..." (insert anything from hiking trips, getting organized, becoming the woman God created me to be, etc.).

This past year has brought so many changes that my head is spinning. Well, it spins a lot, but this time when it stops spinning I want to focus on a clear direction.